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Ready Welder Model #10000ADP-CS (COLD START)

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Portable Welding Unit
The World's Most Portable, Affordable, Powerful and Versatile
Mobile MIG Welder!

Gold Medal Award Winner

At the Paris, France International Construction Expo. RWII was awarded the "Medaille d'Or" for the best design, ecology and user benefits for a new product

Ready Welder's mobility and advanced technology for head and wire feed speed control will change the face of Mig-Welding as we know it!
(Patents pending)

Portable Welder

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The Ready Welder Model #10000ADP-CS (cold start) is most frequently bought and used by the maintenance facilities / Public Works departments, construction companies, industrial companies, as well as, those that use the Ready Welder Model #10000. This portable welding unit model is identical to our Model #10000, except it includes our AC to DC Power Converter to supply 24 DC voltage to the RWII circuitry...used only when connecting to CC (constant current) Stick welding machines in the market place than any other welder. The ADP would be the perfect buy for those that like the ability to connect to all DC output welding machines.

Model #10000ADP-CS (cold start) has a two year 100% parts and labor factory warranty. The Cold Switch was manufactured for different types of customers (Navy, Army, Welding Shops, etc...). With the Cold Switch, the Ready Welder will no longer create an arc. It will only arc when the trigger is pulled. When you are finished welding, you can lay the welder down with no problems of the welder creating an arc.

Using the Ready Welder II with the Premier Power Welder, you can control the engine speed which will give you more adjustment to fine-tune your amperage . . . which in turn allows stable heat while welding. By connecting the 10' wire gun with your 25' welding lead cables, you will have a MIG gun 35' from your vehicle.

Portable Mig Welder


  • Welds steel, stainless and aluminum or any metals where standard one or two pound spools are available.
  • Connects to batteries
    -10 Volt battery can do thin sheet metal
    -24 Volt will single pass 1/2" @275 amp
    -36 Volt will weld up to 3/4" @ 350 to 400 amp
  • Welds 22 gage to 3/4"
  • Connects to MIG / Constant Voltage, Stick / Constant Current welding machines
  • Uses wire sizes from .023 to .045 without changing rollers
  • Uses Heavy-Duty Tweco quality front end consumables
  • Wire speeds of 50-inches to 900-inches per minute
  • Polarity Indicator lights
  • Ten foot cable with Quick Disconnects. Can be extended to 100 feet
  • Built-in Gas Valve
  • Ground Cable attached

  • RWII High-Impact MIG Gun
  • Ten feet of cable
  • One spool of Flux Core wire
  • 300 amp ground cable
  • Two battery clamps
  • Extra tips and Gas Hose fitting
  • Ten Extra feet of gas hose
  • Foam-lined Blow-Molded tough briefcase
  • AC/DC Power Supply to drive gun controls when connected to a CC power source

Mobile MI
G Welder

For more experienced welders, we also offer the RW10,000 ADP mobile welding unit.  It is identical to the RW10000 ADP CS but withoput the cold start feature.  The RW10000 ADP is "hot" all the time, which makes it harder to use for less experienced welders.  Click HERE for details on the RW10000 ADP.

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